Vic's Virtual Magic Show

That's right! A 40 minute Family Magic Show jam-packed with cool and colourful magic, streaming LIVE on your computer screen! With South Africa's rate of Covid infections remaining high, Vic has gone Virtual so that families can still experience an awesome interactive magic show in the safety of their own home.

You can invite friends to join in the fun online. No need to cancel or postpone if you have a birthday party coming up!
*** PLUS *** Vic will courier a Virtual Magician’s Assistant-In-A-Box to you!
This is for you to open 10 minutes before show time, during the time that everybody’s signing in to watch the show. This box can be gift wrapped for the birthday child to make the show extra special for him/her. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to use the items during the show and Vic will explain further during the show. This makes the show not only VERY INTERACTIVE, but also personal by having some of the magic HAPPEN IN YOUR HANDS!

The show is totally family friendly and includes a variety of interactive & visual magic and comedy. Vic tries to interact with as many guests/screens as he can to make everybody feel special and have their minds blown! Vic can present the show in English, Afrikaans or both.

Vic's Virtual Magic Show guarantees an awesome and unforgettable experience. All you need is a fast internet connection, a PC, webcam and mic. The show is LIVE (NOT pre-recorded!) and presented via Zoom. You’ll get the web-info to forward to your guests - each “household” will login and view the show live online on their computer screen. No restrictions to the number of guests allowed per screen ;-) 

Please contact Vic if you'd like more info about his Virtual Show.

We’re going to have to live with Covid for some time to come, so let’s make the most of it and have a Magical time!

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